Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Order Amounts

There is a minimum total order amount per playing kit. This consists of 1X cap, 1X Golf shirt, 1X Playing pants and 2X playing shirts. There is a 10% discount granted for every playing kit ordered

Order Fulfillment

Your order is processed as soon as we receive it. We will only ship/release it, however, when we have received payment. Please see below for information on Out of Stock and Back Order items. In both cases you have the option to remove the item that caused the notification and let the order continue processing. In the case of Out of Stock items, if you do not remove the item, the entire order will be cancelled. For Back Order items, we will continue processing the order when we restock from our supplier. We will, of course, refund any payments made on any items/orders cancelled or removed.

We will take every precaution to make sure your order reaches you in a timeous fashion, however, we can not be held liable for orders once we have handed the item over to whatever delivery mechanism you have chosen. Please see shipping and payments for details on tracking an order.

Out of Stock Items

Occasionally we run out of stock of particular items and we issue an "Out Of Stock" notice on your invoice. While we may have the item in stock at the time that you placed your order, by the time it gets sent for processing we have realized an unexpected stock deficiency. This is due in part to a surge in orders for a particular item and improper inventory estimates. We apologize for any inconvenience surrounding out of stock items, but we are sometimes obliged to issue such statements on your invoice.

Back Orders

Occasionally we run short of stock on particular items and issue a "Back Order" on your invoice. This occurs when you placed an order for a particular product, but by the time it is processes we find that the item is temporarily unavailable. In this instance we will issue a back order notice that clearly explains that your item will ship once it has been restocked. Fulfilling backorders generally takes 5-10 business days.